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Anonymous Hackers from Latin America Protest Against Discrimination of Chile Students

Anonymous Chile initiates OpMalEducados

Hacktivists of Anonymous Chile and Anonymous Latin America have initiated the second phase of a campaign called OpMalEducados (“mal educados” is Spanish for “poorly educated”).

The hackers are displeased with the fact that the quality of education offered in Chile depends on the students’ social status.

Members of Anonymous say they’ve been waiting for the Chilean government to address this issue, but since no solution has been found, they’ve initiated OpMalEducados.

“Anonymous believe that education should be equal, not depending on the social status of each family in Chile, as there are families who have a monthly income that’s too low,” reads the hackers’ statement.

The hackers haven’t announced any immediate plans, but they’ve promised to issue a second statement in the immediate future to “explain more” about the operation.


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