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Most Indian Websites Abused for Phishing Attacks Are from IT and Education

Categories of Indian websites targeted in phishing operations (click to see full)

In the period between August and November 2012, 0.11% of all phishing pages identified by Symantec were hosted on compromised websites from India.

If in 2011, education sites were most targeted by phishers, in 2012, they dropped to second place, being overtaken by IT sites.

Information technology websites accounted for 14.4% of all the Indian sites abused for phishing campaigns in August-November 2012, followed by education sites (11.9%), product sales and services (9.8%), industrial and manufacturing (7.3%), and tourism, travels and transport (5.8%).

Healthcare, NGOs, religion and spiritual, employment and recruitment, and personal websites are also targeted by many cybercrooks.

Experts highlight that cybercriminals prefer to target less secure websites. This is demonstrated by the fact that only a small number of ISP, government and telecoms websites have been hijacked and exploited for phishing operations.


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