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OpIranMenace: Anonymous Hackers Leak Data from Iranian Organizations

Documents leaked by hackers from Iranian organizations

Anonymous hackers have leaked confidential documents, reports, blueprints, passport scans, and other information they have allegedly obtained from high-profile organizations.

According to the hacktivists, the targets of this campaign, dubbed OpIranMenace, are the Export Development Bank of Iran, pipeline company Arkaline, hydro-mechanical and electrical equipment provider Aban Sanat Kara, and the United Nations offices in Teheran.

“In today’s release we deliver message to Iran, as part of our crusade. Inside is a stash of a few entities located in Tehran who heavily engaged in all kinds of funky stuff,” the hackers wrote next to the data leak.

One of the hackers has told me that this is just part of the 5 GB of information that they plan on leaking. Their next targets will be organizations from the United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Azerbaijan.


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